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So, if you are at this point of browsing my blog, you should have probably already realized that I am Regan Mullis. I am a 20-something year-old Georgia peach. I grew up in my hometown dance studio, and after I graduated highschool, I moved all the way north to New York. I spent two years working as a dance teacher in New York and trying to figure out my purpose in life, before deciding on moving back to Georgia to teach at my home studio and be closer to family.

After much consideration, I have realized that my main purpose is to bring joy into the lives of everyone I can possibly reach. So, I started this blog. Here, I share everything from my life as a dance teacher to delicious secretly healthy recipes to beauty and fashion. I take each day at a time and look at it as a real challenge to continually promote positivity. That is the lifestyle I try to pursue and I want it for you as well. Because who doesn't want to have a life filled with joy!?!? 

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Regan Mullis