I spent the past weekend in Hackensack, New Jersey working at my first dance competition as a choreographer. Competitions are nothing new to me because I grew up dancing at a competitive studio, but it was a little different as a teacher.

On Friday, I drove down to watch my soloists compete. Everyone did an amazing job, and I am so proud of all of my dancers. Taylor was my first soloist to go. She danced to the song I’ll Always Remember You, which was chosen because she will be moving at the end of this year and she wanted to do a dance for the studio owners. Next up was Emily’s solo, Light the Sky, and Michaela’s solo, Tornadoland. Both of these girls scored a platinum and landed in 8th and 7th overall. Shortly after that was Ella’s tap solo,  Diamond Girl. Tap was something that scared me a little at the beginning of the year, but I am so proud of how this solo turned out. She ended up with a High Gold and 13th overall. Last on Friday were my jazz solos. Juliana went first with Shakira Shakira (gold) followed by Erika with Emergency (high gold and 14th overall).

Saturday was an early day. I had to arrive at the auditorium at 7:15 to warm up my acro and cheer classes. Unfortunately, the competition started to crack down on the no video rule so I don’t have any footage of their dances. They both did extremely well though. Acro recieved an entertainment award, platinum score, and first overall. Cheer ended up with a platinum and 5th overall. Thankfully, after the morning set of awards, we had a much needed break before having to be back to support senior soloists.

Sunday was a little chaotic. I arrived at 12:30 and something went wrong in all of my classes. It was extremely manageable, but definitely bordering on hectic. Taylor and Ella started off the day with their duet, This Gift (high gold). Following that, was my lyrical small group (high gold), contemporary trio (platinum and 2nd overall), and contemporary large group (platinum, 3rd overall, choreography award). It was a huge surprise to me when Sound of Silence won the choreography award, but I honestly couldn’t imaging a better way to finish out the competition.

Again, I am so proud of all of the girls, and I am extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work at New York Performing Arts Center alongside an amazing staff and with extremely loving students. Make sure to click through the names to watch some of the videos from competition, and I will see you guys in my next post!

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