Life is full of big decisions that we have to make, so it is important that we are comfortable with out choices. That can be really hard! Your entire life course can change with each singular decision. For many people this can be a huge cause of fear and anxiety. Fear no more though! I am bringing you tips on how to make these big life decisions, deal with anxiety leading up to it, and not regret your choice.


Identify Your Big Decision

My first tip is to identify your biggest decision coming up first, because that is usually the one that carries the most anxiety. This is especially helpful when you are feeling anxious for “no reason”. You may be a graduating senior and are faced with a decision about furthering your education or starting your career. You may be trying to decide whether you want to move or stay where you are.Your big decision might even have to do with a relationship. It could honestly be anything, but it is so important that you recognize its presence and importance.

Understand That Nervousness Doesn’t Equal Regret

Our minds are naturally programmed to keep us safe, which means that any sort of decision that puts us out of the ordinary will cause us some nervousness, anxiety, and overall discomfort. That is why it is normal to joke about getting “cold feet” near your wedding day. Getting cold feet is referring to nervousness before a big decision, which is normal. You would never see someone joking about a bride or groom with a gut feeling that they are making the wrong decision…because everyone knows that gut feeling would lead to a marriage they would regret. It is important to look at your own choice like this. Is it something you are nervous about or something that doesn’t feel right?

Know That You Can Always Change Your Mind

I know that in some cases this isn’t an option, but for others it is such a blessing. You chose the wrong school? Transfer! You regret dropping out of school? Go back! You don’t like your new job? Find a new one! You don’t like traveling the world? Move back to your home state! We make so many scary decisions already, why build them up to be permanent and even more scary. Sure, changing your mind can have setbacks, but it can be so much better to know that you have a way to opt out.

Accept Life’s Imperfections

Once you make your decision, it is so easy to look back and start analyzing things. All the “what ifs” can consume you if you aren’t too careful. Trying to figure out how the decision would have positively or negatively changed your life after the fact is what can lead to regret. Make your PRO-CON lists ahead of time and leave it at that. From this point on, think about the future instead on the past.

I hope these tips help you find comfort in all of your big decisions coming up.If you want to check out what is going on i my life and all of the big decisions coming my way, you can find it by watching this video.


Regan Mullis


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