So if you came to this article to see how I made $1000 in my first month blogging, I’m sorry to disappoint you. July 2017 isn’t my first month blogging…though I would consider it my first month taking blogging seriously. And I didn’t make a whopping $1000. I made $10.30, but that is a start. Honestly, this article won’t be the only thing to disappoint you though, making money online is a long process and you have to take the time to learn about it. This is my journey learning about it and making a start with an online business, so if you are interested in the PROCESS to reaching success and NOT JUST THE RESULTS, keep reading… and you may just find you are better off for it.


I posted on my blog every week, I finally started an email list, and I posted on Social Media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook nearly everyday. I finally took the time to try and understand how income can be made through blogging. There are so many ways! You can make money mostly through sponsored posts, ads, and affiliate marketing. First let’s talk about…

Affiliate Marketing

Total: $0.30

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money through your blog. I haven’t made any affiliate sales so far, but I have been working with a site that pays per click and is excellent for beginner bloggers in the fashion and lifestyle niche.

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Sponsored Posts

Total: $10.00

Now, this is where I made all the cash from this month…lol. I hooked my social media accounts through Heartbeat, a company that matches brands with influencers. You can choose which gigs to go with (make sure to chose ones that you connect with so your brand doesn’t lose credibility and then you get paid based on the amount of followers that you have. You can sign up and Get Heartbeat right now to start earning. I was matched with my first campaign in only 2 days!


Total: $0.00

So, this one was obviously a HUGE fail for me this month. Advertisements can bring in a lot, if you have a decent amount of traffic (and if you actually set it up and don’t have technical difficulties like me). I, however, do not have loads of traffic. I mean…here is my traffic for the entire month of July:



My goals for the month of August are to hit 700 pageviews, and work out the technical difficulties that I was having with google ads. Then maybe…just maybe… I will make an extra 2 cents blogging in August. No joke, blogging is a challenge, but it is so much fun.

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Regan Mullis

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