For most of my life I have had such a problem keeping a planner. All the other girls in school religiously jotted down important dates and had their life together, but never me. I tried multiple times to keep it up, but it just never stuck with how my mind works. I almost gave up until I found the bullet journal. A bullet journal is a way to keep track of everything in your life and have it all out as life plays it course. To find out how I set up my bullet journal, keep reading.

Tip: My journal of choice is the

Bullet Journal Key


Your key is absolutely essential. It is how you will remain consistent throughout your entire bullet journal. For all of the main activities you have filling your schedule, you have a symbol. The most common are square for task, circle for event, and triangle for appointment. Get creative with it though! It will make your bullet journal fit more into your life, which promotes your use of it.


bullet-journal-indexThe index is what will keep your bullet journal organized. The first step in creating your index is to number the pages. At first, I only went to 50. As you add new things, log it in the index. Creating an index helps so much to go back and find things in the future.

TIP: highlight calendars of mark the calendar page

Yearly Spread


Next up in my bullet journal I have my yearly spread. Your yearly spread will show a brief overview of the year and map out any major dates or events. Mine shows all of Liam’s time off and any big dates that I have for dance. This will grow as the year progresses. Also, on this page, I have my goal list. These were goals that I set for myself on January 1 for the new year, and as I complete them, I get to check them off.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

bullet-journal-monthly-spreadYour monthly spread is pretty self explanatory. It contains a calendar of the month and whatever else you want. I chose to but a habit tracker in.  This way, I can mark off anything that I need to keep track of each day.

Weekly Spread


Your weekly spread is probably the most important part about your bullet journal. It is where you will lay out all the days in the week and jot down things as they happen. If you have any extra space, you can use if for different lists.

Tracker and Lists

bullet-journal-trackerThe last thing you may want to set up is different sorts of trackers and lists. For dance class, I made a list for songs to possibly use during Dance camp. Then to keep track of saving for goals, I made a savings tracker for a home, yoga teacher training, and a new computer. As with the entire bullet journal, you can adapt the entries to fit what you need and your lifestyle.

I hope this article was helpful. Leave me a comment down below if you decide to hop onto the bullet journal train. Happy Journaling!


Regan Mullis

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