It absolutely blows my mind that the apartments that I am looking at here is Georgia are comparable to what I was paying for rent in New York. I definitely lucked out!


When I was looking at moving to New York, it was a very last minute decision. All that I knew was that I wanted to teach dance and that I wanted to get out of the South. New York was naturally my first thought. Every little dancer grows up knowing that NY is the place to go to be a dancer, and now it was just a matter of actually making that a reality for myself.


After deciding not to attend university (I smell another series about that), I gave myself one week with my mom in NY to get my life sorted out. So, we drove my little car up to NY to start the journey. We visited every single Apartment complex that we could find. As a recent graduate, I had no credit and no work history. In other words, I was screwed. Finally, Liam’s mom suggested that I look at local college bulletin boards. I found  the SUNY New Paltz online board SUPER helpful.

The first house we looked at through the board was a rent-a-room sort of deal. Believe me when I tell you it was a mess! It was $650 a month for one trashy room shared with 4 other people. I was excited to get out and look at the next apartment, but when they called to confirm and found out that I wasn’t in school, they did NOT respond well. Then, on the very last day I found my apartment.

I was so scared at first to go and meet with the older man who would soon be my landlord. Once I did though, it was perfect. He was leaving for Canada the next day and went ahead and let me stay. We all had dinner together that same night and that was it. My housing was covered.

My rent was $500 a month including utilities, which is such a good deal. If you want to watch my actual apartment tour, you can check the video above. If you want to stay updated about my New York series and other series, SUBSCRIBE!!!!!


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