It’s Friday again and naturally I am running a bit behind. I have been super busy lately with dance staring back, but I have made time for a few new things.


First of all, fashion. I stopped by my local JCP because they were going out of business and got a ton of things (all 80% off). A haul will be coming for that soon so head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe, so you don’t miss anything. I also just bought a brand new pair of sneakers and I am absolutely in love. I was really hesitant to buy Adidas…just as I am with anything trendy, but they were so worth it. You can buy a pair through me* and I promise you won’t be let down. They have the super amazing classic look and the cloudfoam feels like a dream on your feet. So worth the money.


In the past couple days, I have made the decision to reread the Harry Potter series. I am already on book three and I am absolutely LOVING them. I read through them the first time in middle school and it is so nice to go back and revisit the story again.

I’m a Hufflepuff, which house are you in?


My blogging kind of slacked off last week (something that I am definitely not proud of), but I am back and on it stronger than ever. Email newsletter is out and I finally did something that I have wanted to do for ages…make my own downloadable content! I started the month of August out with my July 2017 income report, and it is included in that. I’m going to try and do monthly income reports from now on… if there is anything there to report on. 😛


That’s basically all that I have for the part 2 weeks. Thanks for reading and I will see you SOON!!!!


Regan Mullis


*This post contains affiliate links, which means that I earn commission off of some of my recommendations. This is at no extra cost to you and helps support the blog. I only recommend things that I love.

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