Hello internet! I have been missing you for months now. It has been so difficult to get out of the slump of work and then try to pick myself up enough to write. My life is definitely looking up though. Last week, I finally got a new addition to my family. His name is Aussie (aka Oz). He is the absolute sweetest shelter dog that I have ever met. He got his name because he looks like a little Austrailian wild dog…except really really tiny. At an estimated 2 years old, he is full grown at only 16 pounds. He is such a cutie.

If you are interested in learning more about his backstory you can check out my latest YouTube video. It goes into detail of what i got before his arrival, his story, how I found him, and my feelings. This article is going to detail the 5 main things I learned in my first week as a dog mom.

1) A Dog Can Have Worse Anxiety Than Me

I have had to deal with anxiety for awhile now. It is one of the worst things imaginable. It leaves you feeling crippled and broken. My dog has bad separation anxiety. To the point he will restlessly chew at a baby gate, scratch the floor, and howl.

It had never crossed my mind before that animals could feel to that extent. I guess that is just another proof for me to lean towards veganism.

2)It Hurts You Worse Than It Hurts Them

My dad used to say this to me growing up whenever he spanked me. I thought it was ridiculous. How on earth could causing me physical harm hurt him.

The bark collar changed my view on that.

Because of Oz’s terrible barking whenever I left, he had to get a bark collar. It was either that or risk getting in trouble with my apartment. The thought of him barking in distress and getting zapped for it eats me to the core. I can’t imagine a little zap can feel worse than how badly I feel for doing it.

3) You Have to Get Creative

Oz wasn’t eating, so I needed to be more innovative. It turns out, he loves it when I hold the bowl for him. Such a drama queen…


4)He is Houdini

He magically found a way to squeeze through the toughest baby gate I could find. Turns out, he just wanted to lay on my bed.

5)You Feel Love Like You Have Never Loved Before

Obviously, this will probably change when I actually find a reliable partner and we maybe one day decide to procreate….for now though, Aussie’s love is like nothing I have ever felt before. He is so excited every time I come home. He loves going on adventures with me. He trusts me to keep him safe whenever he gets nervous about new people. He is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I am so grateful that I rescued him, because he rescued me.


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